Banging Wall

I first read about a "Banging Wall" on the SouleMama blog years and years ago; before Silas was born, before I was even pregnant with him. I thought it was a fantastic idea and decided right then and there that should I ever have children we would definitely be making such a thing in our backyard. This weekend, it finally came to be.

In the last month or so it has become readily apparent that Silas has gone through some sort of developmental shift. During his first three years I've often described him as "cautious," "thoughtful," and "easy-going," but in the last few weeks it's like someone turned a switch on him. From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, to the last second before he collapses at night, he is running full throttle. Since the weather has warmed up, we have spent every moment that we can outside, out of sheer necessity; he tears the house up if we stay within its walls. So, I've been working to create a bit of a backyard playscape for him where we can go for him to explore, play, and burn off the limitless energy he seems to have uncovered. This banging wall was one of the first installations.

It's made with all found or thrifted materials. Two of the supports are actually our Christmas trees from the past two years, stripped of their branches (after the holiday we just dragged them outside to our fence line to make some habitat for the birds and little critters) and the rest of the frame are branches from our property. I spent a whopping $6 for all the lids and pans and just nailed them into place. I made it by myself one afternoon while Steve was at work ("What on Earth is a 'banging wall'?" he said when he got home that night) and it was an incredibly satisfying project. Slowly but surely our backyard is transforming into a pretty spectacular place to be.


  1. yours looks great! I made our when finn was little, but I attached everything using hooks so that they could be removed and cleaned. And, the problem is that they were always being removed. So, our little banging wall is really just some hooks, with rarely anything to bang on. How did you attach yours? Maybe I should get mine up and going again. I am sure phoebe would love it.

    1. Thanks, Taryn! I thought that's what might happen with hooks. ;) I have a couple that are just hanging (the ones that already had hangers), but the rest I nailed directly to the branches. Yes, definitely get yours up and going again...Phoebe with thank you!

  2. So fun! And you know what, I so hear you about the strange transition you are talking about. Evan was so cautious until around four or so and now he is a wild man. When he was young, he would sit at the top of the slide watching the other kids instead of sliding down it himself. Today, he showed me how he can ride his bike while balancing...standing up on the center bar. Crazy!