Babywearing Bendy

And the gift for last weekend's birthday girl...a babywearing bendy doll! She was well-received and will be much-loved. I've made around a dozen different bendy dolls now. They come together so quickly and are incredibly satisfying to make. Just a pipe cleaner, a wooden bead, some embroidery floss and...Bam. You have a doll. I followed this tutorial when I first started and then made a few small adjustments as I went to accommodate the materials I'm using.

And I'm off to continue my day chasing after my newly-high-spirited three-year-old! This shift to three has been intense, I tell you. We had a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call (after a restless night) and I discovered when I unloaded the dryer this morning that three crayons had gone through the wash as well as the dryer, leaving orange and pink smudges all over every. single. clothing. item. that Silas owns. This day can only get better, right?


  1. your bendy is adorable! and oh how i remember crayons in the wash & dryer... :( , but i just bet little silas put a smile on your face before the day was over, yes?

    1. Oh, he did indeed! :) After the initial shock/frustration/despair it became clear that if my biggest worry of the day is crayons in the wash, things are going pretty well.