A Birthday Party Weekend

This weekend our little family took our usual trip to the Farmer's Market, but then continued on to the park to celebrate the third birthday of a very special little friend. It was indeed a full morning during which the kiddos ran at full speed with nary a break. It was invigorating to be surrounded by so much energy and laughter. On more than one occasion, Steve was referred to as some sort of Pied Piper for his ability to charm all the children.

Afterwards, mama and papa indulged in an afternoon coffee treat (an exceptionally rare occurrence these days) and then it was home for a bit of a rest period to decompress and then on to an afternoon spent together working/playing outside.

Lawn mowed. Ladybugs discovered. Toes curled into the sand.

Joining Karen.


  1. looks like you had beautiful weather too!

  2. Oh the joy in this post! love the ladybug photo best of all a wee bug on a wee hand :) Happy birthday!!