Paint With The Wind

The open-ended art activity for our week of wind exploration was to "paint with the wind." I set out three cups with liquid watercolor paint, three pipettes, a straw and a sheet of watercolor paper on a tray for Silas to discover. Anything that involves "squeezies" is an immediate hit with him, so he was very excited to see them out.

While he watched, I demonstrated squeezing a small pool of paint on the paper and then used the straw to blow it across the surface. He picked it up quickly and went through several sheets of paper, eventually dumping the cups of paint on the last one (isn't this how these activities always end?).

I think that next time we paint with the wind, we'll try it outside with a larger sheet of paper so that he can really get that paint to move. He seemed to be a bit stifled by the small surface area with which he was working. Plus, outside we might get some artistic contribution by Aeolus himself.

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