We're getting to an age where it is really, really fun to make gifts for friends. And it's even more fun because our friends get just as excited about homemade gifts as we do. This is a Fort-in-a-Bag that Silas and I put together for one of his best friends, who recently turned three. As long as the project isn't too intricate and I can keep the energy level up, Silas is more than happy to help with small tasks for projects like this and to "supervise" the rest.

This is not at all an original project (I found it in a Family Fun from a few months ago), although I did modify it a bit. It's just a shortened pillow case with a channel sewn in for the drawstring to make a little bag that's filled with everything a little boy needs to build a fort: a sheet, clothespins, rope, and a flashlight and book to read while camped out inside.


  1. When Finn turned 3 we got a camp set in a bag, with a cloth tent, sticks, felt fire and dyed-silk river. It was a huge hit!

  2. I love this! I remember I kind of got obsessed with this idea a couple years ago, but...funny, now that I think about it, I don't think we every actually gave one to anyone. Ha! Anyway, yours looks adorable.