Welcoming Spring


Today was a really fantastic day. Silas was all smiles and snuggles, I had no expectations of getting anything "done," and the two of us spent our hours in play and truly enjoying each other's company. During our morning walk outside we visited the pussy willow tree (as we always do). I suggested that we cut some of the catkins to bring spring inside and Silas was positively thrilled at this idea. 

I had a notion tucked in the back of my mind that we'd make a spring wreath (this is the one we made two years ago), but I did not anticipate how in to it the little one would be. From selecting which branches we should cut, to arranging them on the wreath, to feeling the softness of each little catkin on his fingers and cheeks, he was enchanted with it all. It was with great pride that he showed Papa his creation at the end of the work day.


  1. lovely wreath! I think I need to have less days with expectations.. sometimes those are the best ones because what you do get done is that much more special.

  2. Beautiful! I love pussy willows... they are one of my favourite spring "decor items".

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  3. The wreath looks so pretty. I love that Silas helped you make it!