Five Minute Activities: Dry Erase Board

Awhile ago I picked up a small dry erase board from the thrift store. I was inspired by this post to find some new art activities to add to our repertoire that are simple and that don't require a lot of thinking or preparation on my part. Something that Silas can grab on his own.

Using a dry erase board is unlike other mediums because of how smoothly they glide over the surface and how quickly and easily they are erased so that parts (or the whole) can be wiped away and re-drawn in the moment.

Silas likes using it, but honestly, I've put it away until warmer weather allows us to have the windows open. All of our markers are AP-certified non-toxic and are labeled "low odor" but, man, the smell of these goes right to my head and gives me a pretty nasty headache. Luckily, this really was just a five-minute activity; I had to turn on the fan and open the windows as it was. If Silas' interest hadn't waned when it did, I probably would have encouraged him to put it away for later.

Silas is 3 years old.


  1. Silas is getting so big! I can't take the smell of markers either, they make me sick to my stomach for some reason.

    1. Do you general avoid fragrances? We do and I think that's why I'm so sensitive to them. I'm not used to having that stuff around!

  2. My daughters love using the dry erase board. The smell drives me crazy too.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. I'm featuring your dry erase activity on my blog! "How I kept my Toddler Busy during Pregnancy", come check it out and say hey!:) myclevernest (dot) com

  4. Regular old washable markers will work and don't have the same smell!