A Spring Nature Walk

Silas has been anticipating spring for months. Way back in November he wanted to know when winter would come and then what would come after that. Trying to use natural signs that I knew he could see and recognize I said that "when it snows, it will be winter" and "when the snow melts, it will be spring." This was a very satisfying answer to him and he has been repeating it ever since. Whenever he thinks of things he'd like to do in spring, he talks about how the snow will melt and then he can run around outside without his socks, or ride his bicycle, or whatever it is that he is anticipating. 

We have been talking this week about Equinox and how it is a special day that marks the beginning of spring (reading And Then It's Spring by Fogliano and It's Spring! by Swan as our Circle Time books this week) and he went to bed last night very excited about today. So when he tore open his curtains this morning and saw some patches of snow still lying in the grass he burst into tears. "It's not spring!" he cried, "There's still snow!" So we had to have a cuddle and talk about how Mother Nature likes to take her time and that sometimes, even though it's spring, it takes the earth a bit to wake up (The Story of the Root Children by Von Olfers is wonderful at illustrating this).

So, we decided that the first order of business for the day was to don our new rain boots and matching umbrella (a necessary accessory regardless of actual precipitation) and set out on a nature walk around our yard to look for signs of spring. After a brief stop by the maple tree to dance to the tune tapped out by the dripping sap, we spied daffodils newly emerged, fresh buds on the pussy willow and other traces of the green days ahead.

Hope your Equinox is happy!


  1. It's still too early for our spring to show its glory but I love these glimpses you've shared.

    Last fall was the first time I planted bulbs. I can't wait for them to appear.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.