Montessori Practical Life: Juicing Oranges

This is our second year of buying a bunch of citrus in bulk. We are overflowing with oranges, grapefruit, clementines, and lemons. I'm still finding my groove with how to use it all, which means that when I took stock this week, we had a half dozen or so oranges that were on the verge of going bad and needed to be used very soon. It was time for a rare treat of some juice and Silas volunteered for the job of squeezing the oranges. This took awhile, as he doesn't yet really have the hand strength to squeeze very hard, but he managed with a slam-and-turn method. His determination was rewarded with glass of liquid sunshine at the end of it all.

Silas is 3 years old.


  1. But he has managed to enjoy the fruits of his labor :-) good for you Silas! m.

  2. My little babe loves oranges, which surprised me when we first gave them to her. I didn't think she would like the texture. Have you made lemon bars yet? Not the healthiest, but oh so good!

  3. I do this with my girls and they just love it. It's so lovely to give them opportunities like this for real, tangible, learning.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  4. what a cute collection of photos! I love that last one - your lovie's eyes are just gorgeous!

    here's mine...