Kindred: Nest

I don't talk much in this space about the act of writing. All the revising and submitting and rejection-letter-receiving that goes on behind the scenes. Mostly, this is because I'm quite self-conscious about the whole thing and I really struggle to put it out there at all. These are things I barely even share with Steve. But they are always going on. Here and there. Under the surface.

I'm so very honored to share that a piece I wrote is included in the Winter edition of the magazine Kindred. I've followed Amanda's gentle words for as long as I can remember. The way that she is able to so beautifully notice and capture the poignant and peaceful moments amid the very full days that come (I imagine) with having five young children, is an inspiration to me.

Kindred is a beautiful little publication full of words and images that I love to linger over. Perfect for reading with a hot cup of coffee on a cold January day. Do check it out.


  1. Congratulations! Such a lovely magazine, can't wait for my copy to arrive and read your piece :)

  2. Wow, well done - what a happy day for you! Kindred looks similar to Taproot magazine?