An Invitation to Sift Snow

We were all home with a stomach bug last week. Fortunately, it passed quickly and everyone is on the path to healing. When Monday rolled around we were all eager to get back into our regular routine. We're repeating our Tracks in the Snow theme this week, as Circle Time made hardly an appearance last week.

I set out a Reggio invitation for Silas to Sift Snow the other day: black construction paper taped to a tray, a few blocks and cars carefully placed, and a sifter full of powdered sugar. 

The sifter actually takes quite a bit of hand strength to operate and he frequently changed hands to give the "other one a break." This was great practical life practice. After he got the hang of the sifter, we talked about how the "snow" fell on the blocks...where he thought it might land and then how it actually landed.

He picked up each block and observed the shape left on the paper. I asked him to make a hypothesis about whether or not there would be snow underneath the cars. He said that there would be and was surprised to discover nothing but black space when he lifted them up.

When he'd had enough sifting, he started using his hands to sprinkle the "snow" where he wanted it, carefully placing it on top of the cars and on the cone roof of the tower.

Silas is 2.75 years old.


  1. What a delightful experience for Silas! I just love your provocations for learning.

    Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.

  2. Oh, you're a brave Momma! I just have visions of powdered sugar everywhere! My dogs would be in heaven cleaning the floor.