{Toddler Explorations} Stamping with Blocks

Silas is all about painting these days. With a brush in hand he uses big arm motions to trace a "road" around the perimeter of his paper. He then switches colors and uses smaller motions to make "mud" where "the cars get stuck." He keeps painting this theme over and over again, refining it, making subtle changes. The evolution of his process is very evident when you see all his paintings hung together on the wall.

Before he started this in-depth investigation of painting roads, though, we were inspired by Tu Tamariki - Play Based Learning and started last week by doing some stamping with blocks.

Just three colors and a selection of blocks to use as stamps.

The interest in roads may have even been emerging during this exploration as all of the circles that he made were "wheels."

This is a great way to engage little painters who don't like to get their hands dirty.

This ended up being a bit of a one-off as he has not asked to do it again and is instead focusing on painting with brushes for the time being.

Silas is 2.5 years old. 


  1. I love all of these activities that you share. So awesome. Silas must love these activities... he always looks so engaged.

    Thanks for inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm actually having a hard time keeping up with him. It seems like he's always asking for a "project" to do. :)

  2. Looks like fun! I am excited about doing art projects with my daughter and will have to keep some of yours in mind. I forget that I did some of these things when I was a kid!