Carving Pumpkins

This past Saturday was our second to last Farmer's Market for the season. It's become such a part of our weekly rhythm and Silas looks forward to it all week...I'm not sure how we're going to fill that void once it's over. The timing seems right, though, as the weather has definitely shifted. Cold and blustery, with both mama and little boy ready to go back inside after brief bouts of outside play. We're moving inward.

Silas selected this pumpkin. He's been asking for one for weeks and was so excited to carve a Jack-o-lantern face. I thought about getting a whole army of pumpkins for him to carve and decorate and paint (like we did last year), but I was parenting solo on our trip to the market and with a toddler on my back and a bag of produce on each arm, a single pumpkin was all I could manage. But it is a perfect one. Silas "pulled the goop out" and directed what features the face should have, what shape they should be and where they should go. I think we lit and blew out the candle five times in the span of two minutes immediately after we were finished carving.

In his baby year, I remember feeling that time was moving so slowly. One long day at home stretched into another. And now I blink and he's perfectly annunciating complex sentences, walking backwards, and making jokes. Every night I go to be afraid that he'll wake up the next morning a teenager.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about thinking they might wake up as a teenager! Scary!!
    We have had our pumpkins for over a week, but have yet to carve them....

  2. Carving pumpkins is such fun for children isn't it? I love the pictures of your process.

    I can't believe how fast time is going by with my children too! It's crazy!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Yes, my babe just turned one and I swear she is doing something new every day and understanding something that the day before she just gave a blank look about. Clapping is the newest skill and when we read a book that says the word clap, she claps now. Kind of fun!