{Toddler Explorations} Clay Cookies

Our exploration of clay continues (click here for our introduction to the medium). For this iteration I set up an invitation with a slab of clay that I had rolled very thin, along with a selection of cookie cutters.

Silas has been mostly interested in poking and digging into the clay. I thought this might be a way to extend that interest, but to give it a new element with the introduction of shapes that he could cut into the clay.

When he saw the invitation, right after nap (a nap during which he did not sleep, by the way), he went right to work. He instinctively called these "cookies" even though we have never actually used these cookie cutters to make cookies and he's never seen them before. He did both gentle presses of the cutters into the clay as well as big slamming motions, naming the shapes as he made them. 

Previously, he has been very reluctant to get anything on his hands that is wet, sticky, or that otherwise makes them feel icky. He is quickly losing this hesitation and is becoming more and more bold with what he'll get his hands into.

He dug his fingers into the clay, pulled out bits and made snakes.

He made these really awesome marks by dragging his fingers through the surface. He repeated this several times and noticed the clay that accumulated under his fingernails after each pass.

I showed him how to squeeze some water out of the sponge onto the clay to keep it moist. He really liked this and asked me re-wet the sponge several more times so that he could squeeze it out again and again. 

This held his interest for about 45 minutes.

Silas is 2.5 years old.

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