Take it Outside

I am so inspired by all the invitations to play that I see on blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook. There are so many good ideas, in fact, that I sometimes find myself in a panic. How can I squeeze it all in? Especially in the summer when the only place that we want to be is outside.

Well, first of all, I try to embrace the idea that it's totally okay to just be outside. Running, chasing, jumping, hitting things with sticks. These are all exactly what a two-year-old needs. But then I also had a light bulb moment; I could take our invitations to play outside with us. Even our most tired toys are suddenly full of new life once they're in a much newer, and greener, environment. There is a new relative scale to everything once it's in the wide openness of the great outdoors and there are new challenges to overcome, like the bumpiness of the ground.

Find a cozy little spot under a bush that's just the right size for a toddler, add some blocks and maybe a basket of small birds and see what happens. It just might be something wonderful.

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