{Toddler Explorations} Sinking Stones

This is an easy, cheap, and fun activity that is a delight to do in the coolness and dappled sunlight of morning. Gentle breeze optional, but preferred. 

Just a tall glass bottle filled with water and a cup of pebbles.

But, oh! The utter delight!

This little sinking stones activity was so very relaxing, both for Silas and for myself. The little kerplunk as the stones hit the water, the unpredictable route each pebble took to the bottom, the bubbles; it mellowed us both out. It would be great for pre-nap or first thing post-nap as a way to segue into more active endeavors. Silas had me dump out the bottle and re-fill several times so that he could do it all over and over again.

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