{Toddler Explorations} Poker Chips

Awhile ago I picked up a box of poker chips at the thrift store for a dollar. I didn't have a specific project in mind, but I was pretty sure we could come up with a few ways to use them. They were such a hit, actually, that I thought I'd do a whole week of posts on all the ways we found to play with them. A how-much-fun-can-you-have-for-a-dollar sort of a thing. Are you game?

The first thing we did was a simple coin game using a tennis ball container with a slot cut in the lid. I liked that the container was clear and he could see the effect of his action of dropping the chip. We did a similar set up about a year ago (when he was just over one) with a yogurt container and milk jug lids. He loved it then and is still a fan.

He went through all the chips twice. Then we shook things up by adding some water to the container, similar to our sinking stones activity

This had him absolutely mesmerized.

He had me dump out the water three times so that he could do it over and over again.

After letting the chips dry, I buried them in the rice bin and he used his hands and a shovel to uncover them all.

There was a little bit of pretend play; he made some "scones."

Then we combined the two activities. Once he found a chip under the rice, he deposited it in the water-filled container. He loved this. Having something to "do" with the chips once he found them was a big motivator. He was interested in digging around for the chips before I introduced this element, but he worked with much more purpose and determination after.

All together, this filled our entire afternoon. More to come tomorrow!

Edited to add: Here's what we did on Day Two and Day Three.

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  1. Love this post! It brought a very big smile to my face. Again, thank you for sharing :)

    (Bea is REALLY into lego and building things right now...and arranging little bottles and items in a row...)