{This Moment} Improvised Kiddie Pool

Joining Amanda.


  1. Great idea! Our "pool" often consists of a few large bowls filled with water on our back patio ; ) Have a happy weekend!

  2. As long as your wet and cool on a hot summer day....who cares! :) One of our favourite things to do in summer is to give our daughter the sprinkler on the trampoline!
    Happy Weekend to you.

  3. That is brilliant! We've been stuck inside with this heat but maybe we'll try this out later... :)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Love it! We are about to get the hose out here xx

  5. I've done this too! So much easier to put away then a big pool!

  6. What a great idea! Love it!

    Here is mine http://www.daftlydomestic.com/?p=476

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. just brilliant! We bathed all of our babies in a rubbermaid bin for years. Simpler and works so much better than the commercial baby bathtub that only holds their bum in the water :-) (OK, I could go on a tangent here...)


    My moment is at the mall, of all places LOL.
    Visiting from soulemama!

  8. we filled bowls and bins with sudsy water last evening with some washrags and brought out toys and tables and chairs and enjoyed our "jobs" while staying cool. love seeing so many vessels used for water and sensory play -- and staying cool!

    here's ours (I'm visiting from soulemama) - just some very late season garden treasures (picked between backyard water adventures!) - enjoy! :) holly @ ourschoolathome


  9. Very creative! And it looks like it did the job.

    Here's my moment - http://discoveringblog.com
    We took the bikes to Liberty State Park, and enjoyed the views of the Statue of Liberty and NYC.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh yes! We've done that! It works well as an improvised sand table too!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend full of amazing moments!

  11. Great idea! My boys would love that too.

    Have an amazing weekend!