Crystallized Ginger

I have a bit of a weakness for all things ginger, crystallized ginger in particular. Its chewy hot sweetness is like one of those hot tamale candies, but maybe actually good for you. It's usually available at my Co-op, but it's a tad on the spendy side, so I was looking for a way to make it at home. It couldn't have been easier. I followed Alton Brown's recipe (because Alton never lets me down). I did have to boil it about 20 minutes longer than instructed, but my ginger was a little bit old and stringy and needed the extra cooking time to get tender. Even so, it still tastes delicious. Even Steve, who is usually quick with the sarcasm when I reach for something ginger to nibble on, couldn't stop snacking on it and asked if I could package some up for him to take with him to work. This test batch was only a half pound and now all I need is for ginger to go on a super sale so that I can stock up. 


  1. mmm, i love ginger~ never thought of making it! i too, like alton brown~

    happy wednesday~


  2. We have something in common, I make candy ginger every year, it's a favorite here. I also make sure to make plenty of ginger syrup to keep in the ice box to use if someone's stomach is upset, it works great.