Play Dough & Buttons

Oh dear. Steve and my wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks and it seems as if Mother Nature has decided to give us a live reenactment of our wedding day to celebrate. As I hear rolling thunder in the distance I know that it's not a question of whether or not it will flood in the coming weeks, but of how bad it will be. Please be kind, Potamides.

Silas and I are spending the afternoon home and inside, out of the rains. I mixed up a batch of play dough; my first time using a cooked variety. I'm a convert. This is the best play dough I've ever made. Add to it a bowl of buttons, and you have one very happy two-year-old. Pushing the buttons in, smooshing them around, and piling the whole mess back into the bowl kept him occupied for 15-20 minutes while I did the breakfast and lunch dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

This, he proudly declared to me, is a birthday cake.

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