Bigger and Smaller

For awhile now Silas has been really interested in pointing our size differences. Usually he likes to say that one is the "baby" and one is the "mama," but we're starting to more consistently use "bigger," "biggest," "smallest," and "smaller." It started when I got him this puzzle. He really enjoys the sequencing and can correctly identify the circles by their relational size. At this point, though, it's almost too easy for him.

I had this interest of his in mind when I saw this book at the library. It is so wonderful! All of Tara Hoban's books seem pretty fantastic, actually. There are no words, only photographs of a variety of scenes that show a plethora of smaller/larger examples.

Silas loves it. He spends a good deal of time paging through, identifying things and it's been a great initiator of conversations for a range of things, including size.

I took a quick peak around the house to put together a tray of items for him to sort. I tried to find things that were nearly identical, so the only thing different between them was the size. Cookie cutters were especially helpful for this. Finally! A use for my set of graduated hearts!

This was a quick, easy, post-nap activity. When I present things like this to him, I usually just let him explore it in whatever way he wants. Some of the things he comes up with are so interesting...a little peek into how his mind works. In this instance, he went to the kitchen and came back with three plastic sandwich bags. He put each pair into their own little bag.


  1. I love getting a little peek into how their minds work, such a gift.

    My little man most likely would have done the same things with the bags :)

  2. oh yes! little boys at that age (at least based on my experience) are very keen on compartmentalizing and putting things into baskets, bags, etc. great idea for an activity!