This weekend was much time spent indoors while the little one gets over his cough. Wet and windy weather knocked on our windows while we curled up to watch the rain drops fall. We've entered a new phase where he will crawl out of bed before me and play quietly for a bit. Stretching out and having the bed to myself - even if it is for just 10 or 15 minutes - feels entirely decadent. Pulling back our curtains while singing our good morning song and celebrating this little life that has been with us now for two full years. I laid out his gifts the night before and he so gently and tenderly opened them, taking his time before straddling his new tiger and rolling around the house. He requested either "pork tacos" or "soup" for dinner. We had the latter. He also requested "cake" for his birthday treat so I made him these (Steve and I are big fans of this recipe also). And then we did what the little guy loves best: listen to songs, dance, read books, nurse, and play.

Also, the new issue of Bamboo Magazine is out and I'm honored to have an article featured. Haven't started brewing your own kombucha? You should!

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. happy birthday sweet si!

    and congrats on the piece in bamboo! we love making kombucha :)

  2. Happy birthday Silas! Congrats on the piece in Bamboo, kombucha is a fav here.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) Happy birthday, Silas!