My dear sweet Silas,

This weekend you turned two, a fact that I am happily reminded of when you hold up two little fingers and flash your stinker smile when asked your age. This is usually followed by a declaration that you are "five" or "ten." I must confess that I have fallen short in updating your baby book and I've journaled very little (if at all) during your second trip around the sun. Someday if you want to know when you said your first two word phrase, we're going to have to rely on my own flawed memory. You move too  fast and you don't let me sit down to record such things. (It was "be happy" and you were 21 months old.)

You love your fish pajamas, your little toy bus, and Richard Scarry's Busy Busy World. You have eggs every morning for breakfast and kombuca with lunch and you ask all day long if it's time for "din din" and for Daddy to come home. When he does, you quickly turn the radio off and rush to the door so that you can be the one to open it and tell him to take his coat and shoes off. You love MoMo, Peeps!, SaphSaph, and Nikita; usually you love them a little too much and I remind you to give them a little space. You declare "Help!" whenever I try to do a task and then you rush over to take part. You love your friends and ask every morning if today is the day we will "meet friends."

Even in moments of disconnection, when I get frustrated and we just can't see eye to eye, you always know how to reconnect. Hug. Kiss. Milk. You approach every day with an excitement and zeal that is absolutely contagious. You push me, Silas, to be patient, to be kind, to be always loving. It's not always easy, not because you are in any way undeserving, but because I am a flawed mama who is just doing her best. I know there will too soon come a day when you won't want to sit in my lap, when you won't want to cuddle, when you won't want me and only me. I try to keep this in my mind so that I can cherish the season that we're in before it changes and we have to learn all over again how to do these steps. Thank you for dancing with me, my little bug, I would choose no one else.

Your Mama


  1. <3 happy birthday to your baby boy

  2. Oh Courtney - what a beautiful post - it made me cry. My daughter Beatrix turns two in August - I can so relate to your post.

    Let's enjoy every moment and live fully.

    Happy birthday, Silas :)

  3. Courtney, happy birthday to your little man and thank you for sharing him here with the rest of us. It really is a pleasure to watch Silas grow!

  4. awwww, such sweet love~

    happy birthday silas~

  5. This is beautiful. Happy birthday Silas!

  6. Oh goodness...just got a bit choked up. Such sweet beautiful words! I am learning that even when they don't want to sit in your lap any more and want only you, you are still the only Mama, flaws and all, and they will always love you and miss you when you aren't around. College has taught me that and I didn't even have to go to class.

  7. Beautiful :) Happy birthday to Silas, and happy savoring the moments to you!

  8. Happy birthday Silas!!!! You are one adorable little man :)

  9. Happy birthday to Silas and happy birth day to you Courtney!

  10. Happy Birthday! Such a magical age

  11. What a beautiful letter! Happy Birthday to Silias and to You!

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