This weekend was at home. It was all the usual games, but inside a blanket fort. It was discovering how much fun you can have with a flashlight. It was baking bread and making homemade cottage cheese. It was walks through the snow to identify tracks and drawing on the driveway with icicles. It was taking back recycling and reading lots of books. It was one tired mama and papa and one sleepless little boy. It was waking up to a sweet little face inches from my face asking for eggs. It was bubble baths. It was a new cranberry cornbread recipe and spinach pizza for dinner. It was a long-planned craft project finally getting started. It was a blur, to be honest. A blur of happy tired loving fun. I always think that I'm going to get so much "done" over the weekend because Steve is here to help play with Silas. Inevitably, I don't check a single thing off my list, but then again "play with Silas and Steve" is not the type of thing that usually makes it onto my list in the first place. Perhaps it should.

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  1. I promise that you will look back fondly at "play with Silas and Steve" and not remember a single item from the list. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend.

  2. it sounds like you were more than busy enough. and how do you make homemade cottage cheese??? and cranberry corn bread?? wow yum!

  3. true! i wonder if we put hugs and play at the top of our to do lists what would happen!

  4. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me. Enjoy your week.

  5. I think a walk through the snow sounds like a perfect winter activity.
    Okay, would you please share your cottage cheese recipe? I make yogurt and
    paneer, but I've never made cc before and I bet it would be fun.

    1. The cottage cheese recipe is super simple! Essentially, you just leave raw milk on the counter until it separates. :) I followed the tutorial here: http://withalittlefaithandhope.com/2012/06/raw-milk-cottage-cheese/

  6. so cozy. p.s. i love the cat perch.