Birdseed & Peanut Butter

We had grand plans for our Solstice celebration last month. We invited some friends over to make some treats for the birds with the idea that we would decorate one of our evergreens and then share some warm soup around a bonfire. It was the first time that we had made plans to celebrate the day and were rather excited. Silas loves a good bonfire and I thought he would get a kick out of eating outside around one. Well, the weather had other ideas and rained us out. We moved the festivities indoors and still had a grand time.

We had the boys make super simple birdseed, peanut butter, and pine cone ornaments. It was the perfect activity for this age (just shy of two). Silas really liked helping me look for the pine cones in our backyard the day before, both boys were completely engaged for the duration of the decorating activity, and there was only minimal mess. We gave them each their own little butter knives and bowls of peanut butter and their own bread pans filled with birdseed, with the thought that asking them to share at this age would be a little much. They liked the birdseed step, so the moms and dads did the majority of the spreading of the peanut butter onto the pine cones and the little ones were in charge of rolling, dunking, and sprinkling. They really got into it; getting looks of serious concentration as they made sure every speck of peanut butter was covered with bird seed.

Since we didn't get to decorate our outdoor tree, we sent some pine cones home with our friends and kept some to hang outside our front door. We pull back the curtains in the morning to see the juncos and chickadees and sparrows pecking and singing away. And they're so pretty! I was surprised that I liked them so much, but they really are beautiful objects in and of themselves.



  1. We do this all the time, love it!!!! Sorry about your Solstice celebration, we had a lovely day here for ours, it even snowed :)

  2. Silas is a great name, and I love how earnest he seems!