After much quiet and tears due to Friday's events, this weekend was filled with more socializing than our family has seen all year. It felt good and necessary to be surrounded by light and warmth and love. Saturday was a a day of pre-guest housecleaning. You know the kind; when you get more accomplished and put away in a half hour than you do in a normal week's time. We had planned an early solstice bonfire in our backyard with friends, but the weather had other ideas. Rain sent us indoors where we made treats for the birds and then filled our bellies with thick cauliflower and potato soup. Late to bed and early to rise on Sunday. Pancakes and much coffee. The baking of an apple, cranberry, and oat crumble to take with us to a holiday potluck. In an odd twist, our friends who were hosting the party now rent the house where our midwife used to live. It was fun to return to this space where we had all of our prenatal visits and to see it transformed by new occupants and the energy of an almost-two-year-old. It was a joy to watch the kiddos play past their bedtime and to get our fill of good food and company. 

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. Sounds a very heartwarming weekend, full of love and joy.

    May the week ahead be the same for you :)

  2. They look good enough to eat! (if I were the feathery kind), So glad you were with family, it is what is most important.

  3. love that you surrounded yourself with family and friends!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend filled with warmth and love.

  5. hello courtney,
    the treat for the birds, i would love to make one
    for my birds too.
    how did you make all those seed stick to the corn?
    (peanut butter maybe?)