30 Days of Gratitude: Days 26, 27 & 28

In these last three days I've been grateful for...

The clarity brought on by sunshine and fresh air.

The memories brought out along with the Christmas decorations from my youth.

The way Silas insists that every hug be a "family hug" that includes all three of us.

This is the season of giving thanks. In an attempt to keep my daily gratitude practice at the forefront of my mind, I hope to post here a daily simplicity for which I am grateful.


  1. I love remembering Christmas past when I decorate the tree. Even my daughter does it as well. "do you remember when..." is a sentence starter!!

  2. awww, I love the family hug! SO sweet!!

  3. I have my Christmas decorations from my youth and I love them but my favorites are the construction paper, pipe cleaner, master pieces that reside in a special box and were given to me by two very sweet little boys....I mean young men (now). I even got a family hug last week :)

  4. Love the family hug. And I love the memories that come with getting out the decorations, so much fun!

  5. I adore the family hug! Especially when it involves me getting three kisses at once!