30 Days of Gratitude: Day Six


Silas got the opportunity to play with his cousins on two occasions within the past few days. They live far from us, so this was one of only a handful of times they've gotten to be together and he was absolutely screeching with joy. My parents are both the babies in large families, so most of my cousins were quite a bit older than me and I never really had the experience of running with a pack of such relatives. I was lucky enough, though, to have one close in age as well as geography and we really were the best of friends while we were growing up. There is something special about cousin love. The shared holidays, the same grandparent arms wrapped around you, family reunions...I'm so grateful that Silas has the opportunity (even if such meetings are few and far between) to make some memories.

This is the season of giving thanks. In an attempt to keep my daily gratitude practice at the forefront of my mind, I hope to post here a daily simplicity for which I am grateful.

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  1. Cousin love is the best. I appreciate it so much more now watching the relationships Reece has with his cousins.