This weekend was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Saturday started early and the three of us were all a tad prickly. 
But, waffles and coffee helped to ease the transition to the day.
One of our favorite local bands, Mutiny in the Parlor, provided the soundtrack for our trip to the Market.
When I revealed that I know all the words to "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" by singing along, Steve was taken aback.
There are still things to learn about each other. 
A storm raged as we napped, breaking tree limbs and drenching everything with much needed rain.
When we woke, the sun was out and it felt 20 degrees cooler. 
Sunday began blissfully with curtains blowing in the breeze.
Eggs and toast together before Steve took a day trip to visit his Dad.
Silas and I puttered around the house, doing baking and sewing projects.
Papa returned in time for pre-dinner playing.
And there is much to do today. A possible trip to the pool awaits.

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. love those rains that come in and cool everything off. your sunday sounds lovely!

  2. Waffles and coffee make any day better! I'm glad you got some rain. It sounds like you really need it in your part of the country.

  3. IT is nice to still learn things about your soul mate Courtney. I will celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary this month and it's nice to still
    learn something new about my Micheal now and then, keeps the marriage fresh.

  4. We had rain too, yesterday and much cooler temps today, loving it!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. We had an amazing rain storm Sunday night that rained for a good two hours.

  6. Some lovely moments there. I would love to be able to putter around the house doing baking and sewing projects, but unfortunately my guys are a little too old and too active for that. Maybe someday...

  7. Rain during nap time - one of life's simple pleasures. Sounds like a lovely weekend!