CSA | The Heat of Summer

There were two absolute winners this week and they used the produce we like least: zucchini and eggplant. Who would have thunk?

In this week's box: kale, strawberries, green peppers, potatoes, carrots, golden beets with greens, watermelon, tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, cucumber, patty pan squash, and onions.

The first surprisingly good dish was zucchini pancakes. I found the recipe in the latest issue of Kiwi Magazine, but it's basically an unsweetened pancake batter with shredded zucchini and carrot folded in. I made a soy sauce-based sauce to go with them, but they really didn't need it. They were really, really good on their own.

On Saturday night I hadn't yet made my menu and I needed something quick and easy, so I chopped up the patty pans and made soup, finished with some carrot top pesto. It was a good soup. I never have high hopes for summer squash, but this one really came through. I don't think, though, that I can express in words how much Silas loved this meal, both the soup and the pesto. He drank two bowls and was chomping down the pesto by itself with a spoon.

Next is a trio of orange and balsamic marinated salmon kebabs with sides of braised kale and raw carrot and turnip salad. Simple and good.

Does anyone have a stellar tomato soup recipe that they want to share? I know that we've made a really good one in the past, but I can't remember where I got the recipe. This is a very simple one I found in our Soup Bible. It was fine, but it didn't satisfy our yearning for a really good tomato soup.

And the big surprise of the week? How good this eggplant penne dish was. And it was pretty simple, too: sauteed eggplant, roasted peppers, and caramelized onions with a dusting of cheese. I'm actually really looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch. There's more eggplant in my 'fridge and Eggplant Parm is still in my plans. Maybe we'll be converts yet.


  1. Thanks Courtney,I am now making zucchini pancakes for dinner, yours look so good.

    I keep my tomato soup super simple. I fill a 9 x13 inch pan with tomatoes, peel a bulb of garlic, scattering the cloves around, drizzle olive oil over the top then roast about 30 to 45 minutes. After I bring the roasted tomatoes and garlic out of the oven I use a hand blender [a regular blender would work too] to make everything smooth. I add a few, 8 to 10, chopped fresh basil leaves, a little salt and sometimes nutritional yeast. It is a great soup with cheddar bread pudding on a cold day.

    1. Thanks, Tracey! I never thought about doing the whole thing in the oven, but what a great idea! I'll bet roasting the tomatoes gives them a really great flavor. One more reason I need to invest in a hand blender. :)

    2. wow, this sounds fantastic Tracey! thanks!

  2. I have got to quite looking at these types of posts before lunch....seriously. I'm starving now and want to crawl through the screen and munch!

  3. dang. can i come to your place for dinner??? those pancakes look tasty and the patty pan soup... WOW!
    yum yum!

  4. Yum, I´m glad I just had dinner or I´d be so hungry after seeing this! :-)

  5. I should never visit when I am hungry :D Great menu selection!!

  6. gorgeous gorgeous!! you're blessed with this bounty!! i think I put zucchini in every recipe I have..the green streaks were not a big hit in the brownies ....the last tomato soup I made was way way too much effort so I threw the recipe out!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. I'm with Tracey the zucchini pancakes sound super yummy, always looking for things to make:)