CSA | Eggplant Convert

I was hoping to make this CSA post a bit more thoughtful and a little less of a roll call of the week's meals. That's been my intent for awhile now, but it always seems that Silas demands my attention as soon as I sit down to write and so I hurry through as fast as I can. He is incredibly clingy lately. I know this is a normal 18-month-old thing, but it is such a challenge. I had gotten used to our routine where he would happily play independently in the mornings and I had a chance to eat my breakfast and do a little writing, but for the past few weeks it's been all Silas all the time. Breathe. Release expectations. Embrace the moment exactly as it is. Repeat.

In this week's box: Collard Greens, Fennel, Sweet Corn, Carrots, Potatoes, Arugula, Summer Squash, Peppers, Garlic, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Sungold Tomatoes.

We used up the last of some week's-old cabbage in egg rolls. These are a treat for us. With homemade sweet and sour sauce, nothing can touch them. In the past we've just made a bunch of egg rolls and gorged, but I figured we should make a few sides: red cabbage, apple, and dulse salad and some rice.

As long as I can keep Silas from picking all the green tomatoes, my tomato plants keep producing and I keep getting extra potatoes from the CSA. Pizza Margherita. Simple tomato goodness.

Last week's golden beets went into a Lemon Beet Barley Risotto. I love this dish. It's time intensive, as all risottos are, but it's totally worth it. Chewy barley, salty ricotta salata, and sweet golden beets. Perfect.

I found some turnips languishing in the crisper drawer from a couple weeks ago, so they went into a curried carrot and turnip soup. I love this soup. I found the recipe in a Perla Meyers cookbook. I also love Perla. Her recipes can sometimes be a bit too involved for me, but they are always worth it. This one is a great summery alternate to our usual rice and turnip soup recipe.

And the big accomplishment of the week: Eggplant Parmesan. We loved it. Truly. I found it to be one of those traditional dishes that's not at all complicated, but each step takes time and when I'm done every pan in my kitchen is dirty. But, by the end of the evening, there were no leftovers to put in the 'fridge, so I'll take that as a sign that this dish may just change our opinion on eggplant. (I think all that mozzarella helped, though.)


  1. dang. yummy! your whole weeks menus are just splendid. makes me wanna come over and have you cook for me. lol i have always had issue with csa's because my peeps can be so picky, but you seem to find yummy stuff to do with every thing. very inspiring. thank you

  2. Now see Courtney, if you would just move south I could keep Silas entertained and you could write and prepare wonderful meals as payment for my babysitting! ;)

  3. I think I'm going to have to get all these cookbooks you have an start cooking because I have yet to see anything bad here...and I don't like cabbage and even it looks tasty!

  4. How could your precious Silas interrupt any of your cooking endeavors! I smiled about the green tomato picking :)

  5. Hang in there mama, I have two very clingy girls right now and some days I really overwhelming. But that's when I think, they won't cling at 13.... Eggplant parm is one of our favorites too!