This weekend was...

a getaway up north with old friends and new,
more good food and conversation than we knew what to do with,
and the comfort of being among folks who also travel with their own dish soap.
Wandering the gardens of Seed  Savers for the first time,
seeing mammoth cabbage, heritage ducks, geese, and chickens (oh, the chickens!), 
being completely in awe of the importance of their work and the beauty and grace with which they do it.
Sitting on a grassy hill to listen to Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey,
among four littles who are made of concentrated energy,
Silas teaching us that when the mood strikes to dance, you dance!
An early morning with heavy mists, hummingbirds, and frogs,
waking with coffee and with the prairie.
Steve playing hide-and-seek for two hours with two little girls and not complaining once,
in fact, their games only stopped because it was time for us all to leave.
Lunch at a new-to-us Co-op before the long drive home,
weary, hot, and full of all things good.

Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being.


  1. Sounds wonderful - and such a beautiful pic!

  2. Stunning photo. Your weekend sounds just lovely.

  3. Gorgeous photo! What an enjoyable weekend!

  4. That does sound wonderful and such a lovely spot in which to enjoy the company!

  5. sounds lovely. any weekend so full of goodness must be one worth remembering :)

  6. What a beautiful spot Courtney and it sounds like a fabulous weekend.
    We have been playing quite a bit of hide in seek here too, so much fun.

  7. beautiful picture! sounds like a perfect weekend~

  8. I felt so calm and serene reading about your perfect weekend :)

  9. Sounds perfect! We had a lovely weekend camping with old friends, something I cherish always.