Mushroom Visitors

Razor-toothed and gossipy, these ladies burst forth in a time of drought to complain about the heat.

Iridescent strands of mycelium showing; tenuous anchors entwined with maple flesh.

Shy visitors, shedding spores and fruiting.


  1. Such great photos. For something that is a fungus, they are really quite pretty!

  2. They look like a little family, dad, mom and jr.
    Are you going to turn them into something delicious?

  3. do you know what kind & are you able to eat them? we have a mushroom that grows on a tree in our area called "tree jacks" some people eat them, although i have never~ you really captured them well~

    have a great week!

    1. I have a guess as to what they are, but I'm not confident enough in my mycology skills to actually eat them. Someday!

  4. absolutely gorgeous! we had bright orange mushrooms suddenly appear and disappear again just a few years ago.
    your mushrooms remind me of weddings... is that weird?

  5. Great shots! When we had the cabin in the woods in western PA there were mushrooms galore. I would not know which ones I could eat. So I just admire :)

  6. I always find mushrooms and fungi amazing and mysterious. I remember a tree near where we used to live had these absolutely huge mushrooms growing from it - similar to these yet slightly different colors.

  7. Fungi are so alien and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.