CSA | Despite the Drought

Considering the heat and the lack of rain that has been our reality lately, I have been amazed by the quality and quantity of produce that we're still receiving from our CSA. They work hard, those farmers of ours, and are only able to irrigate their crops due to lots of planning ahead and implementing water saving strategies. They're an inspiration.

In this week's box: carrots with tops, sungold tomatoes, strawberries, 3 slicing tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, purple potatoes, kale, patty pan squash, cucumber, 2 onions, 1 head of garlic.

One of last week's beets and half of last week's arugula went on beet pizza.

We used the same method as before, just shredding the beets onto the pizza raw, and it was wonderful. These were golden beets, though, and they turned an unappetizing brown color. They did still taste very good.

The very last of the cabbage from two weeks ago was steamed and tossed with butter, salt, pepper, and poppy seeds. The sandwich is a mash-up of egg and potato salads with carrot top pesto as the binder instead of mayonnaise.

This was the meal that I shared with just Silas while Steve was away. It's really, really hard to cook without another adult around to help with the toddler. We enjoyed the finished product, though. I added just a dollop of honey to the pesto to counter the bitterness of the carrot greens and it was really tasty.

The last of the beets were steamed, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette and served on a bed of arugula and topped with kalamata olives and shavings of ricotta salata.

This was the star of the week; a perfectly composed salad. 

This trio is evidence of my desperate attempt to use as many veggies in a single meal as possible: creamy carrots with parsley and Parmesan, steamed broccoli with tomatoes and hot pepper oil, and braised fennel. 

Not the most filling of meals, but definitely the most productive!

Last week's sungold tomatoes where tossed with black olives, basil, and balsamic to top seared tuna steaks, which were served next to braised beet greens and steamed broccoli with mustard butter.

I actually bought the tuna steaks quite awhile ago (maybe a year?) when they were on sale. Even though they were in one of those cryo-freeze packs, I think they were starting to show their age. We've had better tuna.

Finally, this week's broccoli was used in my Aglio e Olio recipe.

I'm not exactly sure what I was on when I wrote that recipe, but there is clearly no need to cook the broccoli as much as I instruct you to. Blanching for a minute or two and then sauteing for five minutes really is sufficient. I'm still learning as a cook, clearly!


  1. So much color in those meals. Lovely! We are finally getting our feet underneath us and are returning bit by bit to the kitchen. I cooked some incredibly delicious sautéed corn with herbs two nights ago and last night we put the leftovers in tacos with black beans avocado and the fixins. So, so delicious!

    1. Those tacos sounds wonderful! I think I need more tacos in my life...

  2. I'm really interested in trying shredded beets. An indian friend of my made a shredded beet salad once and it was so yummy.

    Your CSA box is always so diverse. Ours last summer was filled with tiny peppers and purslane. Fun the first time, not the 5th time.

  3. so amazingly yummy and inspiring!

  4. 'still learning as a cook', are you kidding, you are a master chef!! that all looks amazing. I like the sound of the carrot top pesto. I have no luck with basil plants so am always looking for pesto alternatives, mint, spinach and almonds is my current fav.

  5. So much inspiration here, you're awesome! I could go for that whole tuna meal right now. And the beet salad. And the broccoli pasta. Pretty much every single thing you made!