CSA | Tuna Salad with Garlic Scapes

This week brought us: beets with greens, snow peas, broccoli, spinach, Chinese cabbage, sungold tomatoes, onions, and garlic scapes. I need to go back through last year's recipes to get some ideas about how to use all that cabbage. It's already Thursday and I still haven't used any of it!

Half of last weeks sugar snap peas, a garlic scape, and all of last week's broccoli were thrown into a quick fried rice. I used my basic fried rice recipe and substituted the veggies that we had on hand. 

Next up is a very square meal. I couldn't resist picking up some Swiss chard from the farmer's market last week, and that was braised along with some onion and garlic scapes. The last of last week's red turnips were mashed with potatoes alongside a roasted rosemary chicken with mushrooms (recipe in Feeding the Whole Family).

Throwing a turnip or a parsnip or two into mashed potatoes is one of my favorite ways to use these root vegetables. They boil at the same rate as the potatoes you just mash them right in.

This plate is loaded with goodness. The rest of last week's sugar snap peas were quickly sauteed with onions and dill (recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone). Next to that is a massaged kale salad with apples and currents (recipe in Feeding the Whole Family) and finally, there's some lemon garlic quinoa (Feeding the Whole Family).

Doing multiple dishes for one meal can be challenging, but with very minimal planning it doesn't really need to take more than 30 minutes. For the above plate, I started the quinoa first. While that cooked I threw together the kale salad and then the peas. After dressing the quinoa, we were at the table and eating after just a half hour.

Finally...onto this week's yummies. One of this week's beets was shredded onto a pizza along with a little of last week's rosemary and topped with feta.

We've tried beet pizza before with roasting the beets first, but this was our first experimentation just shredding the beets raw on top of the dough and then popping it into the oven. Success. The feta really makes it. I also got some arugula to go on top after it came out of the oven, but I totally forgot to put it on.

The beet greans were super tender, so we did a simple braise on them with some onion and garlic scapes. This was piled high next to tuna salad sandwiches. I've never really been one to eat a lot of canned tuna, but these were really good. This recipe makes a pretty wet salad, so make sure to toast your bun or bread.

Tuna Salad with Garlic Scapes

5 oz. can of tuna packed in olive oil
apple cider vinegar, about 1/8 C.
1/4 C. red onion, finely diced
2 celery stalks, finely diced
1 garlic scape, finely diced
1/4 C. green pepper, finely diced
salt and pepper, to taste
mayonnaise, to taste
toasted buns, for serving

1. Drain the olive oil from the tuna into a measuring cup, reserving about 1/8 C. Flake the tuna into a large bowl.
2. To the tuna add the diced vegetables.
3. To the 1/8 C. of olive oil, whisk in enough apple cider vinegar to make 1/4 C. Pour over tuna and veggie mixture.
4. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add enough mayo to get the level of creaminess that you'd like. 
5. Serve on toasted buns and enjoy!


  1. Oh yum! I'm so glad it's almost lunch!

  2. I love meals that can be thrown together under an hour. I avoid being in the kitchen all day if I can. Love the idea of beet pizza!

  3. I am so excited to try the beet pizza. For so many years I wouldn't touch beets, but my taste buds changed a few years ago and I now eat beets several times a week.

  4. Beet pizza??? We are so trying that :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cabbage, make sauerkraut! I used the recipe from Nourishing Traditions. Or you can use wild fermentation.

  6. Your blog is really becoming my go-to place for awesome food inspiration! So many great ideas, however I particularly like the idea of the shredded beet pizza with feta. That must be tried! Ideally as soon as possible!