FoodTrients - Review and Giveaway

Increasingly, research is proving what should really be common sense: eating a diet of real whole foods is crucial to maintaining health, feeling good, and living longer. So often we search for medical solutions to what ails us when what our body is trying to communicate is that it's starved for nutrients and therefore unable to repair itself. If we listen to our internal wisdom, we would be amazed by our body's ability and resilience.

Even when you do eat a whole foods diet, as we try to do, it can still be difficult to know that you're maximizing the nutritional value in each bite. At times, I feel overwhelmed when I think about trying to fit in as many vegetables -- especially those all-important leafy greens -- that I know I should be eating every day. Grace O, a chef trained in Southeast Asia who now operates skilled nursing facilities in California, tries to lend us a helping hand in FoodTrients: Age-Defying Recipes for a Sustainable Life (2012, FoodTrients Publishing). 

She defines "FoodTrient" as "twenty-six powerful nutrients that promote health, wellness, and longevity." These she then divides into five categories: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, disease-preventing, immunity booster, and mind & beauty. In each recipe, she identifies which ingredients are the keys to health and explains how they work to benefit us. This is especially useful if you are trying to use foods to do specific things; boost your immunity when you feel a cold coming on, for example.

This book contains over 65 recipes, including starters, salads, main courses, desserts, drinks, and extras and there is quite a bit of variety and a focus on organic, seasonal produce. While she does introduce us to some exotic ingredients (such as moringa and soursop -- the acai and goji of the near-future, I'm sure), the recipes are not so out of the mainstream as to be intimidating. I tried several of her dishes and all of them were tasty and satisfying. The green tea noodles with edamame, pictured above, is a great example of a fairly basic dish that becomes supercharged with health benefits with just a couple tweeks. She has you cook the soba noodles in green tea to gain its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The beet and potato salad, pictured above, came together really quickly and was a filling meal all by itself. The main dishes do center mostly around meat, so vegetarians may struggle to adapt, but the meat-free recipes that we did try were truly delicious.

Grace O is generously giving away to one lucky A Life Sustained reader a copy of FoodTrients as well as a FoodTrients apron! All you have to do to be entered into the random drawing to win is leave a comment on this post (open to residents of USA and Canada only). Comments will be closed in the evening of May 8 and a winner announced shortly thereafter.

And the lucky winner is...

"Very interesting read - the dishes are gorgeous - I'm going to have to google moringa and soursop!"

Thanks Grace O!

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  7. Very interesting read - the dishes are gorgeous - I'm going to have to google moringa and soursop!

  8. Sounds like a really interesting book - thanks for the review and the chance to win a copy!

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