This weekend was...

my best homemade loaf of bread to date transformed into the best French toast ever,
a health expo with friends, which was wonderful even if we did miss the much anticipated keynote speaker,
an evening out for Steve, which meant an evening of reading and writing for me,
pretty severe storms and tornado sirens while he was gone, but all was well and he made it home safe and sound,
 a very relaxing walk complete with the sighting of a weasel...I hoped against hope that it was a black-footed
ferret, but alas...
cleaning out Steve's car, which we are saying good-bye to today in order to say hello to
our own little Family Truckster.

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  1. *beautiful* photograph! it caught my eye as soon as i logged onto my blog reader!

  2. Glad to hear all is well. I have family in Oklahoma, so we were watching the weather closely...very scarey stuff! Love that you referred to your new vehicle as the Family Truckster....It's an adventure Russ....Love that movie!

  3. Those tornado sirens must be unnerving! Glad you are all OK. I love my family but I really appreciate the alone time (which doesn't happen often) to read and knit and just do my own thing.

  4. Glad to hear Steve made it home safe and sound...I remember the sound of sirens going off all the time when we were stationed in OK.
    Hooray for bread baking!
    A new automobile..so exciting.

  5. such a pretty photo! the colors are so soothing.

    glad you are all safe after the storm!

  6. Now, look at your gorgeous blog here! Great page width, lined up and centered buttons...beautiful! Now, you could offer some good, anonymous feedback on our blog design critique, for sure!

    Anyway, I haven't had french toast in ages, and am salivating thinking about homemade bread transformed perfectly. I'm glad the tornados didn't hit you! Great to meet you too!

  7. Congrats on the new wheels :) Lovely weekend, weasel and all!

  8. I love "helicopter" season. The boys have fun throwing them in the air. And with as many maples as we have in our yard, it rains them when the wind blows. Glad to hear you are all safe with this crazy weather!

  9. Glad to hear you all are safe and sound! Can't wait to see this new family truckster!

  10. So glad everyone is safe and sound. Congrats on the new truck, can't wait to see it.

  11. ahhh...a new family truckster, always an adventure! Glad tornado warnings were nothing too serious...that's a bit scary.

  12. New vehicles are such fun. How scary to be in all that stormy mess. My husband was telling me how bad it was. So glad you had time to yourself.