While Wandering

I've taken a break from these weekly wandering posts this past winter, but now that spring weather is upon us we're itching to get outside and take some walks to see what we can see. As I'm sure you'll notice, this week it was a lot of right angles and just a hint of new life in our wanderings downtown after a trip to the library. Silas isn't quite walking yet, but I'm so excited for these to become "child's walks" once he is able to help us choose our path.

I loved seeing all of your wanderings last summer and fall and so I've set up a Flickr group as a place for us to share, if you'd like to join in. It's so much fun to see what catches the eye of each of us. Such different notes of beauty!

What do you see while you wander?


  1. What a lovely concept. Afraid mine would be rather dull during the week as it's the same ride to work, the same hallway to the office...but weekends could be fun!

  2. Such beautiful shots! I especially love that last hint of spring!