This weekend was...

more bread baking (whole grain millet this time...yum),
knitting pattern choosing (a little sweater for Silas...foolish in this non-winter? Probably),
playing at the library (for storytime they just popped in a video...hmmm...we ended up having a lovely time playing with friends instead, though, so it turned out alright),
outings to the hardware store for babyproofing gear (I could clean out under the sink, but it's just so much easier to put on a latch),
discovering just how much of a soak the homemade bread needs to make the perfect French toast (quite a bit as it turns out),
spending lots of time diaper-free (Silas is starting to regain his body awareness of when he needs to potty...yay! Of course, this means that he pees all over the house...boo!),
debating how much social media I really need (Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter? Do I really need all of you?), and
Intervening (Silas has discovered the toilet paper roll and what a delight it is to unroll and shred).

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  1. Potty training is such fun! Not. I threw cheerios in the toilet and told the boys to sink them. It helped with their aim :) Have fun with that!

  2. We also have a toilet paper obsessed child over here. ..it's lots of fun huh?

    movie at the library???? that's no good. Glad you guys were able to have fun with friends anyway.

    Looks like a good weekend,

    amelia from hks

  3. potty training is fun, eh? i'm always particularly thankful for hardwood floors during that stage ;-)

    you know i'm on fb and don't do much over there. i do enjoy twitter though and pinterest as well.

  4. Fun! We did EC with Finn but haven't done much with P yet.... I think I am too busy chasing Finn around to notice if she pees!
    I love choosing knitting patterns.... so exciting! And, you still need sweaters for chilly spring and summer nights!

  5. I always bought latches to babyproof, I agree it's so much easier :)

  6. Courtney, when you have time could you talk more about the millet bread you made? I am very interested.
    As for knitting, just go up a size or two, children grow quickly! :)

    1. You bet, Tracey! Bread has been on my mind a lot lately! :)

  7. A video at storytime? What gives? Bread sounds yummy - one of these days I'm going to get back into bread baking again. I did end up moving everything upward when I babyproofed - Husband couldn't stand fiddling with the latches!

  8. Sounds like a full weekend! Your library experience reminds me of my boys at school. When the music teacher is sick the sub pops in a Sing-Along video. Makes for an interesting discussion at dinner! Good luck with your potty training!