This Morning

For the past week or so, Silas has been waking up at around 6:00 a.m. We always shoot for staying in bed until 7:00 and we are both far happier when we do. When the little guy wakes up fussy and crying it's usually a sign that he's still tired, which has been the case lately; rolling over and immediately starting to try to stand up. I think we're on a developmental cusp. But, today is a good day. In bed until almost 7, opening to a world of ice crystals when we pulled the shades, warm toasted quinoa porridge, and hot tea.


  1. He must be doing some serious growing!
    SO very envious of your ice crystals Courtney!

    1. Don't be too envious...they were gone by noon! :)

  2. my kids sometimes wake up at 9! but not normally...

  3. "warm toasted quinoa porridge"......yum.