This weekend we...

looked at bald eagles by the river, completed a little bit o' home maintenance,
visited the fish at the pet store, returned to our doughnut habit,
sewed some, had our first EC catch, 
danced, danced, danced,
enjoyed our first "family drawing time,"
and communicated for the first time by signing!

A big weekend for us, indeed.

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  1. Ok, it may not be the brightest question, but what is an EC catch?
    I want a doughnut habit! ;)

    1. Not at all a silly question! :) "EC" stands for "Elimination Communication." The idea is that all babies are born with the instinct to not soil themselves, but we teach them to ignore it by putting them in diapers. So instead, you watch for babies cues that he's about to go and hold him over the potty while doing some sort of cue sound or word. Eventually, they learn to recognize the urge to go, associate it with the cue sound, and go in the potty from a very early age. Long story short, we had intended to practice this with Silas from birth, but just never did. Now that the dirty diapers are so much more...intense...I have discovered a renewed interest in having this little one go in the potty! :)

  2. What a great weekend. Don't you love watching bald eagles. I followed the Decorah eagles last year - from hatchlings to flying away. That yarn spool looks so inviting.

    Have a great week!

  3. doughnuts = weekend (in my opinion) ;-)

    on the signing...what are you using? we did a lot of it with our now 3yo and it was a blast.

    1. Right now we're just doing "more" and "all done" when we're eating and I just started doing "milk" when we nurse. "More" was the first one he did. It's so amazing to be able to communicate in such a clear way!

  4. Wow! I swept the kitchen floor. :-)

  5. Yay for the EC catch! And signing! Even if he doesn't potty train early, becoming aware of his cues will save you a LOT of hassle, especially in public. And signing makes life SO much easier for everyone involved. Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. Wow! A lot of big developmental landmarks to celebrate there! Is that a birthday crown in the making I see?