Weekending | Rocking Chairs

Papa took Silas out of the house on his own for the very first time.
They went to the bookstore and the coffee shop while mama stayed behind
to work on projects. It was the first time in almost a year that I've been in my house alone
and the first time in his life that my son has been out of the house without me.
The rest of our time at home was spent
making oatmeal,
buzzing around the house with our new push walker (love!),
the obligatory laundry and dish catch-up,
and Silas discovering a Silas-sized rocking chair, just for him.
It was my mom's when she was little, I believe, and she had
it recovered in the 70s when her kids were little. Now,
Silas loves to climb up onto its seat,
put on his biggest grin and rock and rock and rock...

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  1. what a sweet face! glad you got some mama-time!!

  2. I bet it felt weird without Silas, and I bet the reunion was a very happy one for the two of you! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Well, I know Silas must have had a great time out with his Dad, but what about you, how did You do? I remember when my babies were little and would go out with my husband, I was good for about 20 minutes and then I would be looking out the window [remember, this is pre cell phone] watching for them to return!

  4. Did you enjoy your Momma time?

    Silas certainly looks like he does love that rocking chair! Such a sweetie.

  5. Congratulations to you both for making that leap. It is so tough the first time, isn't it? But the most special part about it, I think, is to watch the blossoming relationship between daddy and little one when you are not involved. So wonderful!

  6. well C I'm glad you got your alone time-

  7. oh i remember the first time the mr. took the red bean out on his own. she's 10 now and he's taken the kids out plenty by this point but uhm, confession: i still get nervous ;-)

  8. I remember that feeling. I never knew what to do with out the buzzing energy of my littles near me. It would take an hour just to settle my brain down enough to do my own project.

  9. Look how big he is now! Awww...it's been too long since I stopped by to see my blogging buddies. Miss you!