Yarn Along

There are so many really great Holiday Book lists out there this time of year. I don't have any revelations to add, necessarily, but I did want to record what holiday and seasonal books Silas is enjoying right now. Most of them I picked up at Goodwill when I stumbled upon the book stash of, what I assume to be, a former teacher who was cleaning out her closets. There were some real finds in there and I bought almost 50 books in that one trip; quite a haul even for me!

Counting to Christmas by Nancy Tafuri: Very simple text telling what a little girl does on each day of Advent. The pictures are huge, bold, and bright.
A Winter Day by Douglas Florian: Simple, rhyming words about winter. Large pictures that have a very child-like quality to them.
Winter by Gerda Muller: The beautifully illustrated seasonal classic.
Amy Loves the Snow by Julia Hoban: A little girl and her dad spend time playing outside.
Hello Snow! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison: Fun rhymes that Silas likes to dance to.
The Just-Right Christmas Tree by Jane Gerver: This is one of only 3 winter/holiday board books that we have that Silas can "read" by himself. Very sturdy pages and a sweet Goldilocks-type story.

As for knitting...still working on the baby blanket (expect to hear this refrain for awhile...sorry!).

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  1. We are reading through a stack of winter and holiday books too right now. :) Thank you for sharing some of your favorites!

  2. Hearing about the baby blanket is a fine thing!

  3. Great book list. Goodwill is my favorite store :) Merry Christmas.

  4. Have a happy holiday, Courtney!

  5. I love those great thrifting finds. We are enjoying similar titles here.

  6. how lucky, i'm so glad you happened upon them. and how sweet the blanket will be, enjoy the knitting!