In Style

I finally made it through my mountain of catalogs and sent them all off with Steve to the recycling center. I never used to receive this much junk mail, but I had a baby and suddenly I'm on everyone's mailing list. One little catalog that I just started receiving (and enjoying!) is Boden. I'd never heard of them before and I will probably never order anything from them (a little too rich for my blood!) but they have some really cute pieces and I find it to be a great source of inspiration. I was paging through the holiday dresses when one of them caught my eye. It seemed familiar. Eerily familiar.

I realized that I have almost the same dress, except vintage. I knew that I still had it around somewhere, so I rummaged through my "costume" box and...

Photo by Steve who found this whole thing far less interesting than I did.

My 1960s version came from a small mom and pop jewelry and clothing store in the tiny town where I grew up. I barely remember ever going in there, but my mom said it seemed as if they stopped ordering new stock around 1973. They went out of business in the late 1980s or early 90s and my mom went to town buying all these really great vintage pieces. I would guess she paid less than $10 for this dress; far less than the $148 that the Boden version is going for.

The label on this dress says that it's "Carrie Couture by Vicky." In the 50-odd years that it's been around, it's never been worn; still with protective plastic around the hem. Unless I suddenly develop a penchant for micro-mini dresses (oh yes, there is a reason that you're only seeing the top half of this dress), it will probably not be worn in the near future either. But, what a fun coincidence, huh?


  1. Oh my, your dress is lovely! I'd defenitely start wearing it, it looks great. Just combine with something dark to add a little more pepper and off you go.. I love it..

  2. Or with jeans or some black pants.. No worrying about mini mini anymore.

  3. Yes, put some leggings on and wear that beautiful dress!

  4. How super fun! Love the dress. And yes! Put on those tights and flaunt it baby!

  5. That is wonderful! Leggings and wear it!

  6. Boden is very nice....but very expensive.
    What a great dress you have there...even if it is a little short! You could wear it with leggings!xxx