Sponsor Highlight: Twice Creations

Today we're highlighting A Life Sustained sponsor Twice Creations!

Stefania transforms recyclables into ethereal, elegant, sustainable pieces of wearable art. In her words...

"I am a minimalist jewelry designer. I try to transform waste material in ethereal, elegant, sustainable pieces of wearable art. Other than that, I have a PhD in Psychology and I currently teach to undergraduate college students. After reading, lecturing, or grading the whole day I often feel the need to do some manual work: either some gardening or some baking (I love to make bread), knitting or crocheting. I have been making jewelry on and off for my entire life, but only recently I had the inspiration for designing an entire line and find my style; my unique vision."

At a small craft fair that I organized in Italy.

Tell us about your journey to becoming an artist/maker of things.

As far back as I remember, I’ve always been involved in some sort of craft or art. I was considered a talented drawer, even though I have not pursued that route. I've knit since I was 15, and now I also crochet, but I started working with metal when I was a teenager. I started making jewelry for my friends and myself. 

At some point I started focusing a lot on my studies. A few years after getting my PhD I started feeling trapped in a career that I probably did not want and started doubting whether I could live my life without art and creativity. One day, while I was sipping my morning cup of coffee with milk, I had an idea: to use that milk jug to make jewelry.

I had a clear vision of what I wanted to make, I just needed to try if that was going to work. That item became the most popular item in my store.

What inspires you?

Regularity and geometrical forms, especially if they are abstract and ethereal, provide a constant source of inspiration. Elements of nature also inspire me. I am a big fan of snow. I love when snow is bright and fresh, and I love picking snowflakes to see what they look like. I remember one day with my dad, when he showed me a snowflake with a magnifying lens. I was so amazed by that marvelous shape and I could not believe that nature could be so complex and beautiful.

The beautiful foliage around my house in Connecticut.

Why is important to you to use recycled materials in your work?

Recycling is a big part of my life. I hate waste and I am always striving for frugality. With garbage submerging our environment and resources running low, I feel that each of us has the moral responsibility of doing something about it. I also feel like most of the things that we spoil ourselves with are unnecessary, especially when it comes to fashion. Fashion has traditionally being the kingdom of waste and splurge, but I am committed to reverse this trend.

My cat.

Tell us about your favorite item in your shop and describe your process in making it.

My favorite item is the one I almost dreamed about. It is the first vision I have had and I was so excited to see it realized. It must have something, given that it is also a favorite of visitors of my shop. 

I remember running to find a piece of paper to draw on before the vision disappeared. That’s what I still usually do with my creations. As soon as I have an idea, I leave whatever I am doing and I run to draw my vision, hoping that the simple act of drawing does not interfere with the vision.

When I have a sketch, I am ready to start finding the right material and cutting my beads. Each of my creations is carefully assembled after cutting all the pieces by hand. Sometimes, if they feel a little rough on the skin, I make sure to round the corners of my plastic beads with heat; sometimes I don’t. I have been asked if that takes forever, and the answer is ‘yes’, it does!

Stefania is generously giving away to one lucky A Life Sustained reader the elegant pair of upcycled circular dangle earrings pictured above! To enter the random drawing to win, just leave a comment on this post. 

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And the lucky winner is...
"I love the unique look of her jewelry"

Thank you Twice Creations!


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