Season of Change

Seemingly, in one afternoon our black walnut trees transformed from green to gold. One afternoon more and they shamelessly dropped their dress completely.

Branches, their tips touching the ground for most of the summer, now free of their burden, snapped back to their position of rest feet above my head.

It was a flush year, our hands stained black from collecting up the harvest. 
The squirrels will eat well this winter.

Tough shells to crack, these black walnuts. An impenetrable rocky-hard shield encased in pulpy green.

Combined with her juglone secretions, she keeps competitors at bay. She knows how to stake a claim in the forest.

The now denuded trees are the passage of time made visible. Green to gold to bare and back again.


  1. Beautiful words and images. I do love fresh walnuts and , gosh yes, stained fingers

  2. Beautiful Courtney! I am very envious of the fall colors you have! xx

  3. Are you familiar with the poet Jane Hirshfield? Your comment about the trees dropping their dress reminded me of a favorite few lines from a poem of hers called "Three Times My Life Has Opened".
    "But outside my window all day a maple has stepped from her leaves like a woman in love with winter, dropping the colored silks." Here's a link to the full poem:

  4. yay! fall has arrived in blazing glory!!

  5. Isn't this a beautiful time of the year? You've captured it just right.

  6. So beautiful. I noticed today how quickly the leaves have changed and are now dropping everywhere.

  7. @Annie: I hadn't heard of Jane Hirshfield, but her work sounds beautiful. Thanks for the tip!