Yarn Along | Phase One Completed

I've finished the set up rows on the Traveling Woman shawl and am actually excited to dig into the lace pattern. A challenge! Although, a slight complication has arisen. Due to an unforeseen incident with a vacuum cleaner I may not have enough yarn to finish. I'm using a skein from my stash that I purchased over a year ago and I don't even think I still have the label to know exactly what it is. So, do I just carry on and see what happens? Or do I switch yarn now that I'm at a point where it would look like a design choice and not a big ol' mistake? Hmmmm...

I'm reading Sharon Astyk's Independence Days and thoroughly enjoying it. I love Sharon Astyk. I first started reading her blog years ago. She's smart, funny, an incredibly good writer, and she's the only one who seems to be writing about how peak oil and living in an energy depleted future will affect women specifically. She's deeply influenced how I feel about such things.

In other news, the high energy usage during the heat wave of the past few weeks has caused some interesting electrical blips for us. Our smoke detectors (which are wired with a battery back-up) keep going off. It happened for the first time while I was nursing Silas down for a nap. He took it like a champ and wasn't startled at all, but mama jumped quite a bit when every single alarm in the house went off. They did the alarm siren four times and then were silent. Then four more times and again silence. I checked the entirety of the house. No smoke. I walked around the outside of the house. No smoke. So, I looked online and several places said that phantom alarms could be caused when the power company switches grids to meet high energy needs (like on a hot day when everyone has their AC on). This made sense to me, so I breathed a sigh of relief and we went on with our day.

Then, the night before last, it happened again. At 4:00 a.m. And it went on for 15 minutes. Four alarm sirens. Silence. Four alarm sirens. Silence. Silas thought it was awesome that mama and papa were up and the lights all came on. He laughed and smiled and thought it was party time. We did the obligatory check of the house before we started disconnecting the detectors from the electrical system (but leaving the batteries in). I told Steve that it was hard for me to believe that we were at peak energy usage at 4:00 a.m. and I didn't want to be those jerks who say, "these things are so annoying!" while they unplug their alarms when they actually have a fire.

Then he said that there were predictions of a big solar event for that morning that would interfere with communications and electrical grids. And he was absolutely right. This is one of the many, many reasons that I love my husband; the knowledge that we each have doesn't overlap much and together we make one complete person. I always know when people are making obscure literary references and he knows when there are going to be solar flares. That's compatibility.


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  1. switch colors now! lol at vacuuming up the yarn. the city of houston might do rolling blackouts because of the heat/electricity usage.

  2. ...they did rolling blackouts last winter b/c you know we have the coldest winters and everyone had to use max heat on the day the roads iced up.

  3. Oh dear...vacuums and yarn...bad combination! (LOL) We had some alarm problems a few weeks ago, too. Ours was a burglar alarm, installed by the previous owners that we didn't even know worked. Randomly it started going off and alerting the ENTIRE neighborhood several times during the day (thankfully) until my DH figured out how to disconnect it. It was so loud - like having a fire engine in your living room! Love the compatibility in your house...we have that too. I'm always asking my husband "why/how do you know this [random, esoteric] stuff?" I love it! I tried to read Sharon Astyk's blog for a while, but couldn't handle the wall of text with every post (I have trouble with screen reading), so this book sounds like a better way to hear from her. Thanks!!

  4. thanks for the book tip, i will check her out seeing as this information is up my alley. i don't know about switching, that is above my ability to have an opinion about! lol. if it is a good time to switch, maybe i would since it would work in the end anyway!


  5. That sounds like perfect compatibility to me *laughs* I have a similar thing with my bf, lots of knowledge each, but in completely different areas (similar to you - his practical, mine more esoteric)

    I love the moody look of your picture, the yarn for your shawl is beautiful.

  6. I have been amazed that our power has only flickered a couple times this summer - and both have been since that wicked heatwave let up. Go figure.

    And I vote to change colors now. :)

  7. Hmm... I'd probably switch now when you can.

  8. Oh my gosh! My husband just came home from work and was talking about how the case he was sent on and the address didn't match up. So he re-checked with his GPS and had to call his boss because the true address two hours away. His boss said they're having major issues due to solar flares. Wow!

  9. All of our alarms go off when the batteries die (they are wired to the house) So we have to change all of them to quit the chirping.

    I love the lighting of the photo and you could always check Ravelry for someone who has it in their stash and willing to sell. Worth a try, or you could get creative with the lace part. Looks great!!

  10. I would switch yarns now so you won't possibly be disappointed later.
    My batteries do the same thing Swanski's do and last time I didn't have the batteries to replace them. I listened to them chirp for awhile and then finally drove to town for fresh batteries since I was ready to rip them from the wall! :)xx

  11. Hmmm...you're really sure that you'll run out?

    If that's the case, then, yes, I would choose another yarn and add some pizazz to that Traveling Woman.

    They were talking about solar flares and the effects to us on the news the other night. Apparently, you got affected. I'm so sorry.

  12. Thanks for stopping by the World of Wiedz. Can't wait to see how the shawl turns out (no advice about the yarn issue). I think I want a shawl but I'm unsure of how it would look and which pattern to choose.