We're recovering from a weekend away from home. Babies and puppies both do not like long car trips, I have found. But highlights from the last two days include:
  • My family circled around for Silas' tree planting
  • The discovery that nursing while in the car seat is the only way that long car trips are possible
  • Apple cider dougnuts from the Farmer's Market
  • Despite how much I disliked growing up in a small town, understanding--as a young mother--what some of the benefits might be
  • Rhubarb custard pie
  • Family reunions--yes, even family reunions
Sorry this post is so brief...my day today will be spent trying to get back into our daily rhythm, doing piles of laundry, and playing catch-up. How was your weekend?

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  1. I learned very quickly how to nurse in a carseat when we would travel from OK to SC.
    I wish my family was 'big enough' to have reunions, but I do get to go to my husband's so it all works out.
    Have a great Monday.

  2. Wishing you the best as you find your day's rhythm today!

  3. Tee hee.. love that puppy face!

    Welcome home.

  4. Apple Cider Donuts?
    Wow. Trying to imagine how that would taste. Savory, no?
    Love your pup! What a face!

  5. busy too! I am taking to day to play catch-up as well. do we ever really catch-up?


  6. On the nursing in the car, did you do the whole "lean over the car seat" thing or did you take Silas out of the car seat? I know it's a big safety no-no, but I might be tempted to do the latter.

  7. I'm so glad I'm no longer the only person I know who tried nursing in a car seat! Haha. Sounds like quite the weekend! And your pup is adorable.

  8. I just got back from 6 days in Chicago and returning home and getting into the groove always takes just about as long as I was gone. And yes, nursing a baby who is strapped into a carseat is a must-do for road trips! It's like car-yoga!

  9. We just got back from the beach and I am playing catch up with laundry. We can do it together! I also use to nurse from MI to either Ontario or PA. Whichever family we were visiting.

  10. sounds like a fun weekend! I hate apple cider, but LOOOVE apple cider donuts... go figure?!

  11. Awww - look at that sweetie! :-) Rhubarb custard pie sounds yummy - I think I need to make us a pie soon! :-)

  12. Great shot and a beautiful weekend!