Happy Anniversary, Baby

My husband is the type of fellow who:

works at the office until 3:00 A.M. on a Sunday night and still helps me rock the baby back to sleep when he comes home,

 sends me links to cute kitten videos on youtube when I'm having a down day because he knows they're my guilty pleasure and they'll make me smile (seriously, I can't help it. They're. So. Cute.),

spends hours perfectly photoshopping our sons head into a still frame from the 1920s film Nosferatu and then prints that photo onto a onesie for our son to wear on Mother's Day,

includes the phrase "what can I do to best help you today?" in his daily vernacular,

can't remember the date of our anniversary (or my birthday, or our son's birthday...), but remembers tiny precious moments from the beginning of our relationship seven years ago,

like me, delights in cooking and eating new foods, but also never gets tired of our old standbys,

approaches both our relationship and fatherhood as collaborative partnerships in which he takes an active role, and

loves me unconditionally and tells me so every chance he gets.

On our Alaskan Honeymoon ~ 2008


  1. Aww - you´re so sweet and he sounds like a really nice guy. :-)

  2. Happy, happy anniversary to you and your catch.

  3. Happy anniversary!! I came across your blog from Rumpkinz's facebook page. I recently bought a diaper from them for a friend. She's planning on using FuzziBunz, BUT it BOTHERS me SO MUCH that we buy diapers that were made in a factory in China while we have WAHMs in the USA who have cloth diapering businesses. Shouldn't we support those here? I also saw that you live in Iowa. I used to live in a SMALL town in Iowa (Morning Sun) for about 9 years of my life.

  4. so very sweet! Happy anniversary to you both!


  5. Happy Anniversary! May your day be filled with love, good food and more happy memories.

  6. Happy Anniversary and many many more!!

  7. I had this open on my computer but forgot to comment yesterday..Happy Anniversary! Such a lovely post for your hubby!