Father's Day Weekend

Our Father's Day got off to a rocky start, but after we'd all had a nap everyone was much, much happier. People who are far more eloquent than I have written amazingly touching tributes to the fathers in their lives in celebration of the day. All I can say is that I am so very blessed and grateful that my son has Steve for a dad. At every turn he shows me, once again, that he is capable of kindness, humility, and love beyond measure. He requested a strawberry rhubarb pie as his treat for the day. So, a strawberry rhubarb pie he did receive. 

Other highlights from the week's end:
  • I joined some friends in a trip to a local farm and made arrangements to begin procuring some of our food items directly. It has been a very long time since I've been on a working farm and I had forgotten the realness of it all. The dirt and the smell and the omnipresence of cycles of life and death. It felt full of honesty.
  • Our weekly trek to the Farmer's Market to pick up our CSA share. The Farmer's Market has become our social outing of the week. We inevitably see everyone we know while we're there, which is wonderful. It makes us feel like we're part of a community.
  • I cut out the pattern for my first sewing project (with the exception of burp cloths and wipes) in a year and a half and my very first sewing project ever to use a pattern.
  • A little bit of weeding was done in the garden, but really only the littlest of bits.


  1. A nap makes everything better! Your pie looks great.

  2. I have never made a rhubarb pie, yours looks delicious!

  3. Happy Father's Day to Steve. That pie looks awesome!

    Can't wait to see your sewing project! :-)

  4. A nap sounds perfect. Your pie looks amazing!

  5. Yeah! The new site layout looks awesome! Happy father's day...belated...


  6. Thanks for visiting "Our House" blog and please come back any time. Looks like you are also proud CSA supporters--us as well. This is our second year of doing it but my first of documenting 'how we eat it' through the week. Those leafy greens and rhubarb(?) looked delicious. I'm still waiting for our sugar snap peas and more carrots!
    Sarah M

  7. Naps sound a perfect Father's day treat as well as pie! xx

  8. Great pictures! Sounds like you had a great Father's Day weekend! That pie sounds delicious. And I just finished my first sewing project (simple slipcovers for a neighbor's patio furniture) in far too long; it made me realize how much I've missed sewing!

    I'm loving our CSA share! This is our first year participating, and my family has really enjoyed it. Actually, I need to go pick up our newest share tonight... Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I love love that first photo! Thank you so much for stopping by my spot and for your kind words!
    Your Father's Day worked out well and that is awesome.
    Whatcha sewin'?